Whats in the Box?

Story Cards: Scan each of the 12 chapter story cards to hear the story of the Three Little Pigs and watch it animate on the device. The augmented reality app makes this classic come to life.


Mask Play: Now you get to play a part in this beloved story!  Put on one of the play masks and look into the device camera. Tap the microphone button to record. The magic of this augmented reality app will delight!  


Puzzle Play: Puzzle Builder activity lets kids build their own house just like the Three Little Pigs. Put the puzzle together and scan each piece to see the House in 3D. Flip the pieces over for a fun new puzzle.


Activity Workbook: Place the reusable stickers in their matching shapes in the sticker book, then scan to hear fun, silly new stories. Kids will love creating their own version of Three Little Pigs.