Get Qurious Picks: Top Toys for Girls Aged 4-8

It’s 2017 and never has there been a better choice of toys for girls on the shelves. Long gone are the days where girls were only encouraged to play with dolls and makeup, or brightly-colored pink toys. Nowadays, kids have a plethora of decisions to make when it comes to toys to play with.

With so many fantastic girls’ toys  to choose from, it can be almost impossible to decide what to buy. Here at Get Qurious, we've tried to make your lives easier by browsing through the virtual shelves to compile a list of our top picks of toys for girls, aged 4-8.


The difference between ages 4 and 8 is huge. Between preschool and the 3rd/4th grade, children develop at a rapid rate and you'll see many changes in your child. They go from being these wonderfully dependent, talkative, curious preschoolers to super social, independent, confident young girls. As they develop mentally, socially and physically, so do their requirements and tastes change. With that in mind, we've split up our list into two categories: top toys for girls 4-6 years old and for girls 6-8 years old, i.e. in line with their developmental milestones.

Playtime is hugely important in the period from early childhood to adolescence, and even adulthood. Play can be structured or unstructured—from playing sports, to board games, to decorating cakes, to having pillow fights, to a game of cards. It takes on many forms and isn't just fun. It's essential for human development. To find out more about this, check out our bog post on the value of play

You can also take a look at our roundups of the best boys’ toys and the best learning toys.

Full Roundup of the Best Toys for Girls, Aged 4-6

Alex Jr. Woodland Wonders Activity Center

We love this particular toy! With its vibrant colors and array of different activities (there are buttons to push, levers to pull,tracks to navigate around) it’s more than enough to stimulate your daughter’s brain. What’s more, several kids can play on it at once, as it has seven  sides of fun! This hexagonal prism of delight can help teach children about letters and numbers and even how to tell the time, while helping develop their fine motor skills.

Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse


Image Source: Amazon

This high-quality wooden dollhouse will entertain your daughter and all her friends for many years to come. With a garage for cars and an elevator to ride up and down in, children can let their imagination run loose. Standing at 27.8 inches tall, it has open sides, allowing easy access to every room from multiple sides. It comes with 14 pieces of furniture, including a bed, kitchen, sofa and bathtub, and three play people.

Tumblin’ Monkeys

The Tumblin’ Monkeys game from Little Treasures is a great toy for girls, boys and adults alike. It helps the little ones practice hand-eye coordination and even required a little bit of strategic thinking, patience and deep breaths as your kids try to extract the colored sticks without causing the monkeys to come tumbling down the tree. Hours of fun for all!

Hungry Hungry Hippos

It’s a feeding frenzy for the very hungry hippos. With up to four players at a time, this classic game from Hasbro requires speed as you aim to chomp down on as many marbles as possible! Using hand-eye coordination and counting skills, this fast-paced game will cause a ton of giggles.



Image Source: ToysRUs

It’s time to get physical seeing that  your child will be jumping up down as she tries to catch as many butterflies as she can. Simply fill the elephant’s 3-ft trunk with colorful paper butterflies, wait for his trumpet call, and watch the butterflies fly up in the air before your child activates her hand-eye coordination skills and scoops them all up in a plastic net! Another great game for all ages. She can then put her counting skills to test to see how many butterflies she caught! Up to three players at a time.

Think & Learn Alpha SlideWriter

Time to put that pincer grip to practice with this educational toy from Fisher-Price. Kids can move the tiles around to form words, and practice holding a pencil and writing out letters on a mess-free erasable screen. Unlike some other letter writing toys on the market, this one has the dashed lines to use as a guide so she can try and get her letters the same size.

Shopping List Memory Game

The Shopping List Memory Game by the British toy brand Orchard Toys just had to be on our list, as it is a great way to practice memory, personal and social skills, while learning about healthy nutrition. Kids will race around the store, trying to fill up their carts/shopping baskets in an attempt to be the first to get everything on their shopping list. Using either images or words (depending on their reading level), they need to match up what’s on their shopping list with the cards provided. It’s an engaging game that requires a little concentration and a lot of fun. It can be played by two to four players.

Great Gourmet Kitchen Set


Image Source: ToysRUs

Available in two different colors—neutral and pink, and sold exclusively at Toys R Us, this kitchen set is a must-have for any kid. This well-designed play kitchen promotes creative playing, while allowing your daughter to use fine motor skills and imagination. It features a modern, upscale design with a bunch of realistic-looking kitchen appliances, including a double oven, electric stove top with lights and sounds, microwave, coffee pot, refrigerator with a water maker, storage baskets, cooking utensils, food produce, and more.

All that’s required is a couple of AA batteries and a ton of creativity and fun. There’s even a chalkboard to make a grocery list on! There’s no way that this play kitchen from Step2 won’t make them smile!

Doctor Nurse Medical Kit Playset

Whether your child wants to be an astronaut or a police officer, a doctor or a dentist, there’s bound to be a fancy dress outfit or a play kit to suit her. But why limit her options just yet? With this complete medical accessories play kit from Gamzoo, she can be a doctor, a nurse and a dentist in one!

There are 25 high-quality medical tools in this kit, which is more than enough for your daughter and her friends to play with. Each kit contains all the accessories your child will need to practice her dentistry skills, diagnose your ailments or nurse you back to health as a nurse or doctor. Plus, by using all this equipment, your child will become less wary of her next doctor or dentist appointment as the time goes by.

Superhero Costumes and Masks for Girls

These totally cool glow-in-the-dark superhero costumes are a great addition to our growing list of girls’ toys. With the return of female superheroes to our TV screens and cinemas, we have the chance to empower our own little female superheroes. This set includes 4 vibrant capes and masks with matching headbands.

Splish Splash Seas Water Table with Umbrella

How cute is this addition to our girls toys list? With a sun umbrella for shade, let your kids sail the seas with this fun water table from Fisher-Price. Your child will have hours of sensory fun and imaginative play as she spins the water wheel carousel and fills up the bucket with water and watches it meander around the table.

LEGO® Juniors Emma's Ice Cream Truck


Image Source: Lego

No matter whether your daughter is into superheroes, Disney Princesses, Pixar's Cars, animals, or construction, the LEGO Juniors range is aimed at kids aged 4-7 and has a little something for everyone. With just 136 pieces, this set will put her eye-to-hand coordination to practice as she builds her set using age-appropriate instructions.

This easy-to-build model is part of the LEGO Friends range and features an ice cream truck with an open roof and side, ice cream sign, table with seats and a parasol, and a large ice cream display. A great way to introduce your child to LEGO.

Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle

Who doesn't love Play-Doh? It's been around for decades and is still a firm favorite among kids. Play-Doh is fun to play with or without the accessories. What's more, all the squeezing and stretching, and pushing and pulling is great for practicing fine motor skills and providing a valuable sensory experience. There's a wide range of sets to choose from, but most of all this one made us crave ice cream! It has six ice cream discs, five spoons, four  dishes, two cones, a roller and six cans of Play-Doh. So start creating and make some delicious looking swirls of Play-Doh soft serve.

Sticky Mosaics

The Orb Factory has a great selection of colorful sticky mosaics—from unicorns to fish to monsters, to pirates to robots. Whatever the preference, they're great for hand-eye coordination and are simple to make. Each box comes with four different mosaic sheets to keep your child entertained.

The Maker Box from Get Qurious

We couldn't compile a list of top toys for girls without including our very own, newly launched connected toy for kids age 4-7. Great for hand-eye coordination, dexterity, fine motor skills and creative play, we introduce you to our engaging, hands-on creative play experience.


The Get Qurious Maker Box and its augmented reality app bring the Three Little Pigs’ adventures to life! Children can play with each activity on their own, but new animations pop up when they scan them with the corresponding app on their mobile device. They can read along with the animated stories, put on a mask and record their own versions of the story, enjoy the various colorful 3D animations of their finished puzzle, plus add reusable stickers to the sticker book, and immerse themselves in various new animated tales they create.

Each Maker box comes with 12 story cards, 2 role-playing masks, double-sided puzzle (7 pieces; 14 sides), a storybook with 12 reusable stickers, and an activity and instruction card, ensuring your child has hours of creative fun.

Full Roundup of the Best Toys for Girls, Aged 6-8

LEGO Friends Heartlake Lighthouse

With just under 500 pieces, the Heartlake Lighthouse is aimed at 6-12 year olds. It's fun to build and features an ice cream shop, a pier, a rowboat and a friendly seal. The set also includes two mini-doll figures: Kate and Stephanie. It's a great way for your child to further practice her fine motor skills and stretch her imagination, as she explores the secret room with her treasure map. But if the LEGO Friends range has too much pastel for your daughter's tastes, then check out other LEGO sets that she's bound to love.

My First Sewing Kit

This adorable sewing kit from Alex Toys is a great introduction to sewing. It'll help your daughter’s hand-eye coordination and further develop the dexterity in her fingers as she gets the hang of threading a needle and learning to sew. She'll enjoy creating her own designs and this kit presents  a perfect rainy day activity.



Image Source: Walmart

She may need help distinguishing her left from her right, but this timeless game will wear her out, improve her gross motor skills, balance, flexibility and coordination. It's guaranteed to have her and her friends in heaps of giggles.

Connect 4

Another timeless classic. Sometimes the oldies are the best! Connect 4 is a game of strategy and observance which lets your kids compete to be the first to get a row of 3. Line up the discs and go for the win. It's simple, fun and quick.

USA Map Floor Puzzle

We love this floor puzzle from Melissa & Doug. Aimed at ages 6+, it's a puzzle and a map in one. Teach your daughter about the map of the USA and significant landmarks while developing her fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Puzzles are a great way to develop problem-solving skills and logical thinking.


Put those gross motor skills to use and get outside and enjoy the fresh air with these simple can stilts from Just Jump It. Practice balance and coordination while trying to walk. Available in multiple colors.

Guess Who?


Image Source: Amazon

A game of memory, clues, patience and perception. Two players each chose a mystery person of their choice based on the selection given and take turns to ask polar questions (yes-no type questions) to guess who the other person is. Winner is the first person to guess correctly.

Pretend & Play School Set

Help your daughter stretch her imagination and give her a chance to enjoy some creative role playing with this awesome set from Learning Resources. Build up her enthusiasm for school and let her channel her inner teacher with this trifold set. Children can present lessons, reward a job well done with stickers, and fill out report cards. It gets an A+ from us!

Rollerblade Spitfire XT Adjustable Girls Inline Skates (2017)

These well-made, high quality inline skates designed for beginners will help your daughter learn how to balance herself and exercise her gross motor skills. Protect her with the necessary safety gear (helmet, knee/elbow/wrist pads) and watch her roll. It's a great exercise and a fun way to get around. As she improves, you can even take her ice skating so she can show off her new moves!

Simon Game

Great for focus and memory. Your daughter will enjoy trying to beat her record as she tries hard to memorize and relay a sequence of patterns using colors and sounds in Hasbro's electronic Simon game. Meant for kids older than 8.

Creativity for Kids Grow 'n’ Glow Terrarium


Image Source: Amazon

Your daughter can grow her own ecosystem with her first Terrarium. With real plants and tiny figurines, she can turn the contents of the box into a living habitat. This interactive kit even includes translucent and glow-in-the-dark stickers so she can hold it up to the light and watch the fireflies glow.

Crayola® Color Spinout

As much fun for adults as it is for kids. It's portable, it's versatile and it's a great way for your little girl to express the artist inside her. Get creative as you crank the wheel and watch as your colorful designs appear. Your daughter can even practice her cutting skills as she makes extra paper discs. Box include: 40 paper discs, six Pip-Squeaks Skinnies markers, drawing gear arms, one tracing disc, one base unit, a design guide and an instruction sheet.


Practice surgery skills, learn parts of the body, have nerves of steel and a steady hand with Hasbro's Operation game. Aimed at kids 6+, it'll put your kid’s hand-eye coordination, pincer grip and dexterity to the test as she tries to make Cavity Sam better without setting off the buzzer. For one or more players. The player who removes the most ailments wins!


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