Get Qurious Picks: Top Toys for Boys 4-8 Years Old

What a great time to be a kid! With so many fantastic toys and games to choose from, there's something for everyone. So, put away the G.I. Joe and Power Rangers action figures, and let's look at the best toys for boys on the market.

Here at Get Qurious, we understand how difficult navigating your way around the unlimited number of toys available out there can be. To speed things up, we've compiled a list of our top picks of boys’ toys, ages 4-8, so that you don't need to.

Kids can change so much over just a couple of years and so can their tastes in toys. One day they might be into LEGO, then next day they might "hate" it and only want to play with robots. It can be really hard to keep up with where they're at developmentally and what toy will best suit their needs and wants!


While both boys and girls can play with any toys they like, there are certainly some toys that certain kids may naturally gravitate towards. If you have a son and a daughter, you may have noticed that they play slightly differently. Perhaps these habits manifest themselves in how they play or what they choose to play with (types of toys/colors of toys, etc.)?

Scientists argue how much of this is nature vs nurture. According to Psychology Today, "it is becoming less and less likely that 'gender socialization' is the reason why boys and girls prefer different toys, and more and more likely that there are some genetic, hormonal, and other biological reasons for the observed sex differences in toy preference".

So while we don't necessarily know why certain kids play with certain toys, there's one thing we do know for sure and that is how important play is for their physical, cognitive and emotional development. Check out our recent blog post for more on the value of play and the essential role it plays in childhood development.

If you need cool toys for your little girls, then take a look at our roundup of top toys for girls, ages 4-8, and perhaps even our top pick of learning toys.

Full Roundup of the Best Toys for Boys, Ages 4-6

Ride Around Town Train Set with Table

With 100 brightly colored pieces, this train set from KidKraft is sure to keep the little ones engaged. Watch as they ride the train across the city, land the plane on the runway, and drive the ambulance to the hospital. This set is compatible with most wooden railway systems and is certain to tickle their imaginations while they work on their hand-eye coordination.

Solar System Floor Puzzlemelissa-doug-solar-system-puzzle

Image Source: Amazon

Give them space and let them play—literally. This awesome solar system puzzle by Melissa & Doug is 2 x 3 ft. Aimed at kids four years and older, this 48-piece puzzle has extra thick pieces which are built to last, and an "Easy-clean" surface to keep your puzzle looking fresh. Have your kids practice their hand-eye coordination while learning about our solar system. It's really out of this world!

Deluxe Workshop

Your son will love this pretend construction set from Step2. This workbench features everything a would-be builder needs. With an awesome workbench and a range of essential accessories including an electric drill, hammer, screwdriver and 17 realistic "wood pieces", we have a feeling even Dad will be a little jealous!

Crayola Color Wonder Drawing Paper-30 Sheets

We love this drawing pad because it's mess-free (need we say more?) and you can take it anywhere. This Crayola pad is compatible with all other Color Wonder inks and paints (sold separately), and it’s a great way for your child to explore his creative side while refining his fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. As the Color Wonder inks and paints only appear on Color Wonder surfaces, you don't need to worry about carpet spills.

Pie Face Sky High Game

The sky's the limit with this totally yummy game. Aimed at kids 5+ through to adulthood, this game will put a big smile and a heap of cream on your little one's face. This hugely popular game is a twist on the original. You now have to muster up a little strength in order to hit your opponent in the face with a delicious serving of whipped cream (not included!). The game has an easy-to-adjust difficulty setting, making it fun for young players and adults.

Fire Power Super Soaking Fire Hose with Backpack


Image Source: Walmar

It doesn't have to be Halloween for your kids to play dress up. Let them be a superhero every day as they strap on this 1-liter super soaker Firemen's backpack. Fill it up with water, send them off outside and let them put out imaginary fires. Great for creative play, sparking their imaginations and watering the plants!

LEGO Juniors Spider-Man Hideout

This set is a great way to introduce your son to regular-sized LEGO bricks. The Juniors range is easy to build and full of opportunities for creativity, imagination and play. Aimed at kids 4-7, this set has 137 pieces and includes a street scene, easy-to-build Spider-Man Hideout with a slide, Spider-Man’s helicopter, Green Goblin’s air glider and a police motorbike, plus three minifigs.

Kinetic Sand

Before you stop reading, let us ensure you, this is MESS-FREE! This amazing kinetic sand is made from real beach sand, but sticks together like magic so that it molds, looks and feels like real wet sand, yet leaves your hands dry and your house clean! Build sandcastles, squish the sand through your hands, and pretend you're on the beach. Playing with it makes you feel calmed and relaxed and it’s an ideal way to fuel your child's creativity, strengthen hands, increase fine motor skills, and provide him with great sensory satisfaction.

Sticky Mosaics

The Orb Factory has a great selection of colorful sticky mosaics, from unicorns to fish, to monsters,pirates, and robots. Whatever the preference, they're great for hand-eye coordination and are simple to make. Each box comes with four different mosaic sheets to keep your child entertained. Age 5+.

Maxi Deluxe Scooter

Check out this great-looking, award-winning scooter from Swiss brand, Micro. With an adjustable handlebar, the Maxi Deluxe is aimed at kids aged 5-12. This three-wheeler high-quality scooter comes in a variety of colors, with an anodized stem, and a new deck material that provides kids with a better grip when scooting. It's perfect for developing gross motor skills. So, strap on a helmet and get moving!

Maker Box from Get Qurious

We couldn't compile a list of top toys for boys without including our very own Get Qurious Maker Box. It’s great for improving hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and fine motor skills,  plus it encourages creative play.

The Get Qurious Maker Box and it corresponding AR app bring the tale of the three little pigs’ to life! Your kids can  read along with the animated stories, record their own versions of the tale (while wearing a cool mask!), add reusable stickers to the sticker book, and generally have fun with various new animated tales they create.


Each Maker Box contains 12 story cards, two role-playing masks, double-sided puzzle (seven pieces and 14 sides), a storybook with 12 reusable stickers, and an activity and instruction card.

Full Roundup of the Best Toys for Boys, Ages 6-8

Foam Maverick Pogo Stick by Flybar

A great way to practice his balance, flexibility, coordination and gross motor skills while having a blast. Make like Tigger and hop around the neighborhood with this classic toy. Suitable for kids between 40lbs and 80lbs, this pogo stick has padded foam bars for extra comfort and reinforced foot pegs. It's a great workout and a ton of fun!

The Original Stomp Rocket Ultra

It shoots, it fires and requires little other than foot power. This simple but fun boys’ toy will strengthen your child's leg muscles while supporting his STEM development. The portable rocket launcher includes the stomp launcher and four foam-tipped ultra rockets. Age: 6+.

3D Dragon Kite

Your son may be too young to watch Game of Thrones but he's certainly not too young for this 76-inch dragon kite! In the words of Mary Poppins: "Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest heights". It's big, it's light, it's well-made and it looks great. All it needs is space, wind and the freedom to soar.

Lego Creator Treehouse 3-in-1

Aimed at kids 6-12 years old, this 3-in-1 LEGO set features 387 pieces. Kids can build this treehouse as a double treehouse with a fenced connecting bridge, or fold it together to form a treehouse with a detailed interior. When done with the treehouse, it can be rebuilt into a clubhouse or a tree fort. It includes two minifigures, a blue jay and a frog.

Simon Air

We're all familiar with the classic Simon gameit's now been given a modern twist. This version is even more fun, but with the original elements where players need to watch, remember, and repeat patterns. The update brings touch-free technology whereby the unit recognizes when a player follows the color sequence by sensing their motions! A great memory game and tons of fun.

Marvel Heroes Guess Who?


Image Source: Walmart

Another great remake of a classic game. Featuring your favorite superheroes and villains from the Marvel Universe, players take turns guessing who their mystery opponent is. They need to choose their questions carefully (yes/no answers only) to narrow down their choice and unmask their opponent. Which superhero/villain will your child want to be?

Be Amazing Toys My Super Big Bag Of Science (70 activities)

This kit makes for a perfect STEM toy and teaches kids about science in a fun and engaging way. With 70 different activities to choose from, your budding scientist will be kept entertained for hours. From fizzing, bubbling colored water to creating instant worms, your child will be excited to learn a ton of new facts and tricks covering the three areas of science (physical, earth and life), and activities related to chemistry, physics, magnetism, weather, biology, geology and flight.

K'NEX Imagine 35 Model Building Set

Your child can let his imagination run wild with this building set from K-NEX. It comes with 480 micro and classic pieces so your son can get creative and freestyle. Alternatively, he has 35 different sets to choose from with instructions for trucks, airplanes, helicopters and more. This set is a great way to support your child's developmental growth of hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness.

Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase


Image Source: Amazon

Your children will wow you and themselves with their newly acquired magic skills. They'll learn the secret of illusion and become masters of sleight of hand. With 100 different tricks to learn, this suitcase keep your child occupied as he prepares for his debut magic show. The kit comes with a magic hat, magic wand, performance table and a bunch of fantastic props. Abracadabra!

Master Chef Junior Baking Kitchen Set

Get them started young! Teach your child to cook with his very own baking set. This mouth-watering, 7-piece cooking set from MasterChef Jr. comes with real cooking tools for kids, and recipes. It's a great way to improve his attention span, learn to follow instructions, increase self-confidence, and master the fundamentals of baking. His future spouse will thank you someday!


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