7 St. Patrick’s Day Science Activities for Kids

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and we wanted to celebrate it by sharing with you a couple of fun facts about this cool holiday and some science activities that you can do with your kids on this day After all, what better time to encourage their love for science and STEM learning than by combining it with clovers, greens, and leprechauns?


Read on to find out more about it all!

7 Fun Facts about St.Patrick’s Day

1) St. Patrick’s Day is always celebrated on March 17th.

2) A shamrock is a three-leaf clover and it is the National flower of Ireland.

3) Four leaf clovers are very hard to find and hence it is considered lucky to find a four-leaf clover on St. Patrick's Day.

4) A leprechaun is an Irish fairy that looks like a little old man.

5) Leprechauns are the official shoemakers of the fairy kingdom.

6) The only way you can catch a leprechaun is by building a leprechaun trap.

7) Green is associated with St. Patrick’s Day as it is the beautiful color of Spring.

St. Patrick’s Day Science Activities Your Kids Will Love

Sensory BottleThe Educators Spin on It shares a fun St Patrick’s Day Sensory Bottle activity which your kids won’t resist doing. Plus, it’s a STEM activity, so they’ll certainly pick up some new information along the way

St Patrick’s Day Slime—A fantastic activity for children which also serves as a great chemistry lesson. You don’t need a whole lot of supplies, but you can bet that your kids will enjoy coloring the slime, and adding glitter and various shapes to it.

st-patricks-slimeImage Source: Little Bins for Little Hands

Skittles Density Rainbow— To make a Skittles density rainbow all you need  is a bag of Skittles, some water, and plastic pipettes. It’s a fairly simple experiment that teaches your kids about the scientific property of density and let them make their own rainbow..

Magic Milk Rainbow—Another rainbow science experiment, shared by Schooling a Monkey. It  gives kids a chance to learn about surface tension and play around with food coloring, milk, and dish soap.

Sparkly Fizzing Rainbow—More rainbows? We’re definitely in! Only this time it can sizzle thanks to vinegar and colored baking soda dough. If you add glitter, it’s a bonus!  

Rainbow Jar—The last one with rainbows, we promise. We just couldn’t resist talking about a rainbow in a jar. From Playdough to Plato comes a great science activity that also introduces the basics of density to kids. Don’t miss trying it out! .

Shamrock Crystals—Now that we’re done with rainbows, we can talk about the last activity of this post which is making Shamrock Crystals. Your kids will love watching sparkly shamrocks dance in the sunlight plus they make cool gifts for grandparents or crafts to carry to school

Let us know what you thought of these activities and if you try them out. We would love to hear more suggestions from you.

Until then—happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us at Get Qurious!

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