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Interactive Play With Get Qurious-Maker Box!

Interactive Play With Get Qurious-Maker Box!

The Walking Mombie recently reviewed the Get Qurious Maker Box on her blog.

Here's an expert:

With winter here and in full swing, it's always great to have fun activities for our kids to keep the creativity flowing, boredom at bay and opportunities to learn new things. The Get Qurious-Maker Box is a fun and engaging hands-on way to play creatively and is based on the Three Little Pigs. The box includes exciting interactive games, activities, and puzzles that help encourage kids to explore and discover. It combines physical play pieces along side an interactive digital world. The Get Quirous- Maker Box fosters your child's logic, thinking, reading, imagination, and creativity.

How it Works

Each box is filled with a variety of different activities that help keep your child engaged and focused through tactile play. When we received our box and opened it up, I could tell that the box was filled with a great set of high-quality activities and well-designed characters. The Get Quirous-Maker Box is recommended for children ages 4-9, but my son who's three had absolutely no problem playing and interacting with all the wonderful activities that came in our box.

What You Receive In Your Box

 Each box contains 4 different activities for your child to enjoy.

1. Story cards – a set of 12 cards.

2. Masks – two different masks.

3. Puzzle – a 7-piece puzzle that is double-sided and black and white.

4. Sticker book – a 12 page booklet plus two sheets of reusable stickers.

Bring it to Life with the App

Get Quious-Maker Box also has an app that you can use in conjunction with the activities in your box. Simply download the "Get Qurious - Maker Box" app to your iOS device. The games inside the app are what bring all these pieces to life. It's as simple as pointing and playing. Just open up the activities from the home screen, scan the pieces from the box to bring them to life!

Read the full review here.

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