2017 Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Presents for Kids Under $50

The holiday season is in full swing and we all know what that means: shiny decorations, Christmas cookies galore, lists for Santa, and shopping for perfect gifts for your friends and family.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, yes, until you realize that you have no clue where to start looking for those perfect presents and what to buy your kids, better halves, and parents. That’s when Christmas shopping becomes downright stressful and a frantic race in which you try to get everything you need until December 24.

Since we’ve been there and know what the holiday rush feels like, we wanted to help you out a bit with your shopping this year—at least when it comes to your kids.

We’ve put together this holiday gift guide that features 10 products that your children will love seeing under the Christmas tree this year. And if you’re worried about your budget, don’t be—all of the gifts on our list are under $50, and you’ll be able to pick out the one that works the best for you.

So, without further ado, let’s get on with the:

Get Qurious Christmas Gift Guide

1. Harry Potter Coloring Books

Bring a bit of magic into your kids’ world with one of the fantastic Harry Potter coloring books! If your child likes to draw and color, then they’re going to love all the characters and magical creatures available in one of the three books available. Your kids can relive the adventures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, explore Hogwarts and Gringotts, and be as creative as possible along the way.

The biggest advantage of this gift? You can use it to unwind, too, if you’re a big fan of Harry Potter yourself.

2. Throw 'N' Pop Pikachu and Poké Ball


Do your kids love Pokémon? Did they spend days trying to collect them on your or their phone during the Pokémon Go craze? If that’s the case, then they’re going to be thrilled to find a Throw 'N' Pop Pikachu and Poké Ball under the tree on Christmas morning. The Poké Ball allows your kids to practice their Pokémon catching skills, and comes with the ball and a detailed 2-inch figure. Don’t forget—you gotta catch them all!

3. Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Blaster

Perhaps a toy for a child that’s a bit older, but a cool toy nonetheless! The Tri-Strike blaster offers three different ways to blast and contains smaller and bigger missiles alike. So, if your kids love to pretend they are in a Star Wars or their favorite action movie, then this might just be the gift they need. In fact, if you get a couple of them, you’ll have a whole squad ready for a friendly game of tag-and-shoot.

4. Just Keep Swimming Uno

Let’s be honest—who doesn’t love a good game of Uno? Especially when the cards come with all of our favorite characters from “Finding Dory.”

If you need an addition to your main present or just a small token of affection for your neighbor’s kid, then this deck of Uno cards is the way to go. Children love to play games and this is one of those games during which they’ll have fun, put their thinking caps on, and engage in a bit of healthy competition. The cards themselves are pretty colorful and fun to look at, so that’s definitely a big plus in their case.

5. Get Qurious Explorer Boxes

Let’s be honest: what kind of a guide would this be if we didn’t mention our very own product? Our 2017 TILLYWIG Brain Child award-winning Explorer Boxes are the perfect blend of educational and fun games, and make a fantastic present for those cosy Christmas mornings.


If you’re unfamiliar with Get Qurious products, let us give you a quick summary of what our boxes are all about. Kids get to create their own stories with the help of the included cards and masks, and then watch them come to life using the corresponding augmented reality app. Seeing that our games support STEM/STREAM learning, your children will not only be entertained while playing them, but also pick up a couple of new skills along the way. Whether they want to play the games all by themselves or with their friends is up to them, but one thing’s for sure though—they will have loads of fun dzxoing so.

6. Rocketship Night Light

If you need a soft night light in your children’s bedroom that looks cool to boot, then you might want to consider investing in a retro Rocketship wall lamp. If your kid is an astronaut wannabe, then there might not be a better present to decorate their wall with. When the night comes, your child will be delighted to fall asleep to the glow of the Rocketship light and dream of exploring the vastness of space. Who are we kidding—we would be delighted, too.

7. Kwikstix Solid Tempera Paints

Do we have a soft spot for gifts that encourage kids to be as creative as possible? Yes, we do. That’s why the Solid Tempera Paints from Kwik stix got on our list, along with the Eco-Dough and coloring books.

There are a couple of reasons why these Tempera Paints are an awesome gift for children: they dry in 90 seconds, you don’t need water to use them, and they work on canvas, paper, and even wood. That means that your kids can even decorate their bedroom doors (if you allow them to), draw on posters, and get lost in the world of colors that these paints offer. Combine the paints with a big notebook and you’ve got yourself a pretty neat gift.

8. Boogie Board—Writing Tablet

Now, this is a more tech-friendly gift than your regular paints or coloring books, so if you have a tech-savvy kid at home, this one’s for you.

The 8.5-inch LCD Boogie Board allows your children to write or draw with either the stainless steel stylus (comes with the package) or any other suitable object—even their finger works! The tablet allows you to erase everything with just a single press of button and it’s compact enough to be safely carried in a bag, e.g. when your kids go to school.

P.S. This is another one of those presents that you can use yourself, if you need to make a shopping list or write a reminder. We’re just saying.

9. Everest Toys Crazy Forts

Do you remember the days when you were kid and used to build blanket and pillow forts all over your house? Those are definitely some of the best memories we have, which is how this gift ended up in our guide in the first place.


Naturally, Crazy Forts are a bit more modern version of pillows and blankets, and they come with 69 child-safe glow in the dark toggles and rods. Your kids can combine them any way they want and create the fort of their dreams with ease. All you have to do is come up with a couple of sheets to cover up the balls with and the fort is good to go. It’s a unique play space which your kids can use over and over again.

10. Eco-Kids Eco-Dough

Another creative gift that your kids (this time younger ones) will love playing with. The Eco-Dough is eco-friendly and made of all natural ingredients, meaning that your children will be completely safe while using it to finger paint, draw the landscape behind your house, or paint their best friend’s portrait.

Let your kids embrace their creative side with this dough and encourage them to make their next masterpiece with ease. The package comes with five boxes of dough which means there’s more than enough material to work with. Great stocking stuffers, don’t you think?

Let us know what you thought of our gift guide and if there’s any toy you would add to the list.

Happy holidays!

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