15 Fun Easter Games and Crafts for Kids

Easter’s drawing closer and that means a couple of things: colorful Easter eggs, chocolate, egg hunts, and some free time to spend with your loved ones.


If you’re planning to have an Easter party and invite your kids’ friends, then you definitely need to be prepared. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of fun Easter games and crafts which will keep your children occupied while you’re talking to your friends or family. Let’s kick things off with 5 games and see what it is your kids can play to pass the time.

5 Fun Games for Your Kids to Play on Easter

Bunny Race—An oldie but goldie! Have kids wear potato sacks or pillowcases, and hop like bunnies to the finish line. Not only will they laugh and have loads of fun while doing so, but they’ll also have a chance to be very active during this game.

Cascarones—Basically, what you need to do is fill up eggs with confetti (these are called cascarones) and then let your kids smash them—either on the ground or over someone’s had. Believe it or not, this can be way more interesting than just chasing around chocolate eggs.

Easter Gross Motor Egg and Spoon Game—A true (physical) challenge for all kids out there! What they have to do in this particular game is carry an egg in a spoon across the grass without dropping the egg. Sounds simple? It’s really not. Kids can work together on this or compete—either way, they’ll enjoy themselves.

Plastic Egg Stacking Game—Just what the name of the game says! You need a bunch of plastic eggs which your kids will stack until that fantastic tower of eggs falls down. The best part about this game is that it can be done over and over again, until the kids get bored.

Easter Egg Color Sorting—Easy to do and perfect for young children. Provide your kids with containers (cups or boxes) that are of the same colors as the eggs they found during the egg hunt. Then, let them sort out the eggs by color. Voilà!


10 Easter Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Easter Egg Crayons—A cool way to recycle old crayons for the kids’ next coloring project. Instead of throwing away all those crayons lying around your house, try putting them in an egg-shaped mold and baking them in your oven. Your kids will definitely be thrilled with this little experiment and will be able to use the egg crayons to draw.

Mini Popsicle Stick Chicks—An easy Easter craft you can do with your kids using popsicle sticks. Create feet, beaks, and wings with paper, and then use the sticks for the body. You’ll end up with funny-looking chickens and encourage your kids to unleash their creative side.

Yarn Pom Pom Chicks— A great activity for kids and adults alike! The yarn pom pom chicks are really simple to make and can be a great addition to your Easter party. Grab some yarn, googly eyes, and glue, and you’re good to go!

Easter Egg Yarn Art—Once again, you get to use yarn and go wild. This time, though, you are to make yarn eggs instead of chicks, which can be even more fun since you can use all the colors that you want. Kids can pick the colors and shapes of their yarn egg and we guarantee that they will enjoy this crafting the eggs.

Bunny Mask—Everybody loves bunnies—especially when Easter comes around and there are bunny decorations everywhere. While they’re hunting for eggs around your backyard, why not make cute bunny masks for your kids to wear? They will have fun pretending they’re bunnies, hopping around.

Easter Egg Craft—Why not have your kids turn eggs into cute little animals? You can even print out parts of animals, cut out the necessary shapes, and then use them on plastic eggs. Cute and make lovely favors for your Easter plates!


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Toilet Paper Roll Easter Craft— Give your kids some toilet paper rolls, colors, and glue, and let them create small stands for your Easter eggs. They can make animals, flower pots, and various other things with ease, plus the end result can look really nice on your dining table.

Egg Carton Easter Bunny— Grab an egg carton or two, cut it up in pieces, and let your kids make bunny baskets out of it. They’ll stay occupied for quite some time and have cute baskets to carry around all the eggs they find in.

Paper Roll Chick— More chickens and more paper rolls! A great project for children that will have them put their art skills to the test. You don’t even need a whole lot of materials—some paint, rolls, wiggly eyes, glue, and scissors.

Easter Bunny Craft— Here’s a thought: why not decorate your eggs and make them look as Easter bunnies? It’s definitely different than just coloring the eggs, plus lets your children craft something all on their own. Go ahead and give it a try!


Do you have any fun family Easter games that you play together? Or a favorite Easter craft? Let us know below in the comments!

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