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7 Fun Activities For Kids During The Holidays

7 Fun Activities For Kids During The Holidays

The magical time of the year is here! Make this holiday fun for kids with these cool activities that will keep them excited and busy.

Decorating cookies

Bake yummy cookies and let your kids’ imagination run wild as they decorate the cookies with sprinkles, candies and colored sugar. These unique cookies will be an interesting addition to your gift baskets.

DIY- Christmas ornaments

There are many exciting things that kids can do when it comes to Christmas decorations. They can make paper baubles, popsicle stick ornaments, paper stars, clay ornaments and a lot more. Display your kid’s efforts around the house and let your kid proudly show off their efforts to your guests.

Hand-made Greeting cards

A homemade greeting card is a lovely gift in itself. All you need are some crayons, glitter pens, paints, brushes and tons of creativity. Let the kids give free rein to their creativity to fashion unique cards for each member of the family. The efforts of the little ones will certainly be appreciated and treasured for a long time!


Do your kids love snow? Let them make different kinds of Snowflakes at home, which can be displayed around the house and on your tree! The kids would definitely love these fun activities.

Paper Christmas tree

The Paper Christmas tree is a cute little activity that will keep kids occupied during the holidays. Give them a sheet of green paper, some sequins and glitter and let them have fun!

Christmas Wreathes

Give your Christmas wreath a personal touch this year by letting your kids make them. Check out Cafemom for some fun ways to make adorable holiday wreaths that can be hung proudly on your door or window!

Make your own snow

Make your home a winter wonderland with homemade snow. Kids would love making snowballs, building their own miniature snowman and doing other fun stuff with their own snow!

We hope these ideas will help you keep your kids busy and entertained this holiday!

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