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5 Fun Easter Games for Kids

5 Fun Easter Games for Kids

Are you planning to have an Easter party for kids? If yes, you should definitely have lots of exciting party games.

Here is a roundup of fun Easter games to keep the kids entertained.

Bunny Race – Make kids wear potato sacks and hop like bunnies to the finish line.

Cascarones- Let kids smash cascarones, which are confetti-filled, eggs on the ground

Easter gross motor egg and spoon game – Kids will have to carry an egg on a spoon across the grass without dropping the egg.

Plastic Egg Stacking Game – A fun game where kids have to stack plastic eggs till the stack cracks.

Easter Egg Color Sorting – Let kids sort out eggs by color.

Do you have any fun family Easter games that you play together? Share them in the comments below.

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