3 Reasons Why Art Is Important to Childhood Development & Key to Adult Success

As parents, we hear how important Art is to childhood development, especially that of fine motor and visual skills.  It's true that the development of these skills are essential milestones because doing art can help fine tune those muscles in their hands when holding and using a pencil or crayon and even building dexterity by using scissors.  Furthermore, visual skills are essential to cognitive learning for children because they learn more and better with visual cues.  However, Art isn't just important to childhood development but can also play a key role in adult success.

Programs and products that involve Art in a child's curriculum are essential to the child's development and adult success.  Programs like STREAM Learning which stands for:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Reading
  • Engineering
  • Art
  • Math

When you incorporate these concepts in a fun and engaging way, children can learn better and programs like STREAM Learning are making a huge impact on childhood education and that child's future self.

Building Creativity

Making open-ended art an everyday activity for children is essential to building creativity.  When we encourage children to be creative, we challenge closed-minded thinking.  This gives children the opportunity to think outside of the boundaries of the box and opening up their imagination and expanding possibilities.  These problem-solving and critical thinking skills are concepts they learn in Art and as they grow older, will use these skills in everyday life.

It is through building creativity that encourages innovative thoughts and ideas and where it becomes reality.  It takes one mind to think out-of-the box to solve some of society's greatest mysteries and problems.  The cure to cancer, renewable energy, and clean water are just some of the problems we face today.  Building creativity that raises problem-solving and critical thinking skills to inspire innovation leads to a better future where our children and future generations will live in.

Research has shown that Art also improves academic performance.

"A report by Americans for the Arts states that young people who participate regularly in the arts (three hours a day on three days each week through one full year) are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, to participate in a math and science fair or to win an award for writing an essay or poem than children who do not participate."

Encouraging Self-Expression

Self-Expression is an important factor to the emotional and social development of a child.  The ability to express themselves often helps a child be more confident and lead to positive thoughts of self-esteem and self-worth.  Art allows children to express themselves in a safe environment where their canvas is anything they want it to be.  Being able to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings through Art can help a child understand who they are.

The development of these concepts can help a child as they grow and make decisions on their own. Choosing new friends, dealing with peer-pressure and picking a career path are just some important decisions and obstacles our children will face.  As adults, these developments are important too.  Saying "No" to your boss, standing up for your integrity and leaving an abusive relationship are just some things we may face in our future that having self-confidence, good self-esteem and self-worth taught by self-expression can help us with.

Social Diversity Awareness

Often times our art reflects our cultural history, upbringing and environment.  A child will draw what he/she sees and knows and because Art is a safe environment to express themselves, it is often a good way to introduce social diversity.  Art is a way for people to not only express themselves but to communicate and share as well.  Identifying the beauty in art different than their own can help a child understand diversity.

Understanding social diversity is an important concept in our society and can lead to the strengthening community bonds.  Just think of what impact our children's generation could have when we teach them about the importance and beauty of social diversity.  The differences between people, culture, and countries will be insignificant and leaves room for understanding, acceptance, and love.

Children should be encouraged every day to build creativity, encourage self-expression, and learn about social diversity through Art.  These concepts bring so much enrichment to a child and their future and it's important that they are not ignored.  As parents, we should be looking for ways to incorporate art in lessons and use products that encourage STREAM Learning.


This is a guest post from Katriza Luna of Mommy Engineering.

Katriza is an engineer who is blessed to have the opportunity to be a stay at home mother to her two young boys.  She is the founder of Mommy Engineering and strives to help mothers with parenting and achieving healthy family living.  Learn more parenting tips and healthy home and family habits through insightful articles by fellow Moms on Mommy Engineering.  Facebook | Twitter

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