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13 Cool STEM Books for Kids Who Love Science (and More)

13 Cool STEM Books for Kids Who Love Science (and More)

Digital tools that engage kids in the process of scientific discovery get a lot of STEM attention (deservedly so), but reading also hooks kids on science, technology, engineering, and math. There's a lot more to STEM books than you might think. We found a biography of a 19th-century female inventor, a story about scientifically minded twins that includes gadget-creation projects, and a graphic novel that teaches coding. We've selected books that offer engaging stories and tantalizing nonfiction to nurture kids' natural curiosity about the world and spark an interest in inventions, inventors, and problem-solving. 

Take a look at our STEM book picks for preschool through middle school kids. 

Ada Twist, Scientist (4+). A young girl of color asks a host of questions about the world around her and launches into investigations to test her theories (the mark of a true scientist). From the team that created Rosie Revere, Engineer.

Ada Byron Lovelace and the Thinking Machine (5+). The writing is lively and the art is rich in this award-winning bio of a remarkable 19th-century female inventor who created algorithms for a machine that was a precursor to computers. 

Rosie Revere, Engineer (5+). A second-grade girl who loves making gadgets tries to build a flying machine for her great-great-great-aunt. Rosie Revere, Engineer includes wonderful lessons, including that failure is part of the inventor's (or engineer's) process -- and that you only truly fail if you give up.

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