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The Value of Play

All educators and child experts believe in the value of play to develop a child's imagination and allow them to safely discover the world around them. GET QURIOUS helps them in all these developmental areas:

  • Whole brain thinking
    Puzzles and tangrams allow children to think both logically and creatively as they problem solve and learn visual-spatial reasoning.
  • Imaginative & Pretend play
    Wearing masks and role-playing is an active way to stimulate children's imagination and enhance their social development by encouraging cooperation, listening, and taking turns.
  • Multi modal learning
    Playing with all the different GET QURIOUS activities increases children's ability to learn through visual and audio senses, as well as their sense of touch.
  • Motor skill development
    Putting together puzzles and scanning cards help children to build motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These are vital for tasks such as writing, as well as developing problem solving and cognitive skills.
GET QURIOUS sparks children’s curiosity, imagination, and discovery as they create stories, assemble puzzles, role-play, or engage in other age-appropriate games and activities that encourage STREAM learning – SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, READING, ENGINEERING, ART, AND MATH.
The Magic of Augmented Reality

Each GET QURIOUS Augmented Reality app magically brings the physical activities to life! Children can play with the activities on their own, but totally new animations pop up when they scan them with their mobile device. They can read along with the animated stories, put on a mask and record their own version of the story, or create many different, colorful 3D animations of their finished puzzle.

Explorer box

The Get Qurious Explorer Box is an Augmented Reality play experience that combines physical game pieces with an interactive world, encouraging curiosity and imagination. The Explorer Box brings the adventures of Manu & his friends to life. They blast off into space using an Augmented Reality app, and you can help create your own story, build a space ship, treasure hunt as well as pretend play with masks.

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What's in the box?
Build a Story
By choosing different character, space ship, planet, and ‘problem’ cards, children can build numerous variations to a story, then read along or listen as the tale unfolds. Children learn about helping others on their imaginary space journeys!
Mask Play
Role-playing provides endless hours of fun as children put on different masks, then record their voices for play-back. There’s even an audio-mixer to create silly-sounding variations of their own voices!
Build a Spaceship
Children can choose 4 different cards for building their spaceship, then scan them with the corresponding GET QURIOUS App, to blast off into space with their customized spaceship – so many variations to build!
Treasure Hunt 3D Game
Children can play together as they find fantasy artifacts hidden in the colorful planetary worlds. As children move their mobile device around in a circle, they can explore the planet from any angle. There are numerous artifacts to find in each of the 4 brilliant 360 deg terrains!
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How it works
Open the box
Inside the Get Qurious box you'll find a variety of activities to keep your child engaged with tactile play.
Download the App
Download the "Get Qurious - Maker Box" app to your iOS device to bring all the physical pieces to life.
Play with App
Open up activities from the home screen and scan pieces from the box to see them magically come to life.
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